Coffee or Me??

So we are writing our examinations now…

Different people and different reactions to it, one thing in common though is that serenity and calmness everywhere. In the classes, Halls, Library, everywhere. There aren’t even much people on the road anymore.

We have got to pass right??

Well speaking on the issue of passing! I had this paper by 10am on Friday morning and by Thursday evening I wasn’t even half ready! WHAAAT??

Well knowing myself well, (I sleep alot :$) I resorted to coffee from a kind friend who was in the same situation as me and so I took the coffee and drank it.

About 5 minutes after drinking the supposed ‘alert thingy’, i felt sleepy and I’m like:

“How long does it take for the coffee to start working?”

And they all laughed at me. Guess it’s supposed to start early but then i felt so sleepy!!

I had to stroll for a little bit before i was ‘awake’

So is it the coffee that’s  just not active or is it me that just sleeps a lot??

I still got to read till like 4am before I was sleepy again and here I was thinking I would be up all day!!

P.S- I blame the coffee!!

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