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The Game of My Dreams

For those of you who enjoy simulation games, or those of you who are game-addicts, or those of you who just know the game, I am sure that you can attest to the fact that:

The Sims 3 is AWESOME!!!!!!

Since my Secondary School days, I have been intrigued by the game, I love the graphics and everything about it. The sad side of the story is that I just couldn’t get it.

I could only get them on phones but I couldn’t enjoy the full package of awesomeness 😦

I tried downloading it but it was just too large and it was really complicated, taking me from one link to another.

I tried buying the CD to install (turned out to be fake! 😦 )

The long and short of this story is that finally (after all these years), Just last weekend I GOT THE GAME OF MY DREAMS (along with some expansions) 😀

I won’t divulge my source but just know that I am extremely grateful…

Well.. I hear now that there is (or there is about to be) ‘The Sims 4’ !!!


With even better graphics and stuffs!! I remember the time and energy it took me to get this one, only for me to hear that another one is on the way! That one should just chill!

Back to THE SIMS 3…

I played it last night and

-I burnt my kitchen

-almost killed my sim

-got arrested

Well I need to get better at it.

I really love it :*

Would probably soon get tired of it but until then it’s

“Play Till I Drop”

PS: Those of you that had the game all these while and allowed me to stress myself in search of the game, God is watching you!!

New Job

I just vacated and from experience, I knew that i had to get something planned for the hols, something I would get busy with.

I couldn’t think of any vocation or skill I would like to learn and besides, that would require me spending money.

I thought to myself:

“Why spend money when I can make money?”

Thus my search for a job began.

I had high hopes for my first job though but I finally got a job in a Pharmaceutical company!

Apparently, the MD thought I studied Micro-Biology which was why he hired me.

He looked sad or disappointed when he realized that I was not even science-inclined!

Well it is not my fault that he didn’t read the “Letter Of Recommendation” I gave him which clearly stated my course!

He still hired me though and put me in the Accounts department!

Fortunately, I share the Air-conditioned office with one lady and….


Plus there is FREE WIFI!!!!

So far I’m enjoying my first day of work but I keep thinking that someone would come in and claim ownership of my assigned seat because It seems so good to be true  ^.^

Let me see how the rest of the day goes (It is just 10:24am)

Will be working throughout my holiday (3 months).

I feel all professional 🙂