Monthly Archives: September 2016

DIY Frenzy

Lately, I’ve been on a DIY mood. Okay, scratch that. I’m always in a DIY mood, but lately, it has been an obsession.
As I mentioned in my previous post, I started a wig business and I made my first sale yesterday!
Pretty awesome milestone. An exciting feeling.
Incase you’re lost on what “DIY” means, it is an acronym for “Do It Yourself”
So lately Ive been trying out different arts and crafts. There’s a new one I’m about to start which I plan to sell afterwards.
I go on the internet in search of a new task to DIY and i try them. Some crafts are easier than others but they all seem easy on the internet.
I plan on making a business out of this DIY. I already sell my handmade wigs, now this new one I’m about to venture into (it’s a secret until i try it out successfully and start sales.)
Sometime this year or maybe the beginning of next year, I plan on learning to sew. The major reason for this is so I can sew for myself!
There are so much trendy styles coming up every time and most times, all I can do is admire and fantasize about it. Sometimes I give a tailor to help me sew a style and they either end up messing it up or it wont be up to my expectations. However,once I can sew, I can sew whatever style I want and be up to date on whatever fashion/style is trending. I can satisfy my desires, I’ll sew exactly what I want because I understand myself and sometime along the line, when my sewing is perfect, I can make a business out of it, selling trendy ready-made pieces.
I’ve just got different ideas brewing in my head, I just hope everything works out for me.
BTW, I need a job, some sort of way to earn money because I’ve got needs plus my ideas need money to kick off. I also need customers for my wig line for money and motivation.