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DIY Frenzy

Lately, I’ve been on a DIY mood. Okay, scratch that. I’m always in a DIY mood, but lately, it has been an obsession.
As I mentioned in my previous post, I started a wig business and I made my first sale yesterday!
Pretty awesome milestone. An exciting feeling.
Incase you’re lost on what “DIY” means, it is an acronym for “Do It Yourself”
So lately Ive been trying out different arts and crafts. There’s a new one I’m about to start which I plan to sell afterwards.
I go on the internet in search of a new task to DIY and i try them. Some crafts are easier than others but they all seem easy on the internet.
I plan on making a business out of this DIY. I already sell my handmade wigs, now this new one I’m about to venture into (it’s a secret until i try it out successfully and start sales.)
Sometime this year or maybe the beginning of next year, I plan on learning to sew. The major reason for this is so I can sew for myself!
There are so much trendy styles coming up every time and most times, all I can do is admire and fantasize about it. Sometimes I give a tailor to help me sew a style and they either end up messing it up or it wont be up to my expectations. However,once I can sew, I can sew whatever style I want and be up to date on whatever fashion/style is trending. I can satisfy my desires, I’ll sew exactly what I want because I understand myself and sometime along the line, when my sewing is perfect, I can make a business out of it, selling trendy ready-made pieces.
I’ve just got different ideas brewing in my head, I just hope everything works out for me.
BTW, I need a job, some sort of way to earn money because I’ve got needs plus my ideas need money to kick off. I also need customers for my wig line for money and motivation.


I have a blog and I don’t post often on it. LOL

Anyways, this post is just going to be an update on the recent things that has happened in my life while not giving out personal information or precise details and I’m still not going to say every single new thing that has happened so….

First, I just graduated from the University. Yaay!!

Second, today’s my birthday.Double yaay!!! (August 6 in case it’s not clear)

I turn 20, that is to say I graduated at the age of 19!

Anyways, I plan on starting a wig business. I’ve actually started, I have the social media pages and all. Business hasn’t really kicked off though.

There’s also the question of “Now what?” which I don’t have the answer to yet. That’s what I’m going to focus on now, finding out what I want to do with my life and actually making steps towards achieving them.



The “What To Wear” Dilemma

I don’t know if others have this issue too (females especially), the issue of what to wear to whatever events we need to dress up for.

You need to hang out with your friends, go on dates, events, this and that and for all these, you need to dress ‘appropriately’.

You wont want to over-dress or under-dress, unless of course, you don’t care, in which case, whatever goes.

Then there’s the case where everyone, in the fear of ‘under-dressing’, end up setting  very high standards for dress code.

Most times, I avoid going for events because I can’t keep up with all that. Stressful! But then, if I’m going for any, I want to look good (obviously) so you’d see me on the internet, looking up latest trends or asking those I know what they are wearing for the event or what they would wear (if they are not going)

Times where there is no time to shop for new clothes or no funds, I ransack my closet, testing this and that for what would look presentable and select possible options. As i do this, I swear to myself to update my wardrobe. (which I don’t do, and continue the cycle again next outing)

So I guess all I’m trying to say is that I usually have to think about what I’m going to wear any time I head out (some times it’s easier, sometimes it’s not) and it’s quite stressful.

Scaredy Cat

I’d like to say that I’m not scared. That I am brave enough to do some things  but in reality I’m not !

This is actually sad cos there are a lot of things I’d love to do or say but I don’t get to… for different reasons. 

For one it’s cos I’m shy! To some this is no excuse but to me it is. It really hinders me a lot!! Looking back now I’m not as shy as I used to be but then I’m not yet where I want to be. I am still shy. I’m working on that though. Cos there’re sooo many things, so many opportunities my ‘shyness’ prevents me from doing. So many fun things. Sigh 

Some times, I don’t do some things cos I consider the feelings of others. Not like they care about mine tho. Not like it’s a bad thing to care or consider others. 

I worry sometimes and over think things. Like ‘what if this happens’, ‘this could end badly’ and I think of different scenarios. Although there’re good outcomes, I most times listen to the worse cases. 

Basically, I think I hinder myself. No excuses!!

People do what they want, whenever but no, not me. I always have to stop myself and I’m not referring to bad things. Just normal experiences and activities. 

I find myself doing pretty much the same thing every damn day! And when I want to try out something, my heart starts pounding fast and I get nervous and all. 

I’m working on myself. To move outta my comfort zone. 

To Do: Crochet Braids

I’m thinking of installing crochet braids back to school. I’ve seen pictures of it and i really do like it. I’ve read articles and watched videos on how to install one and it seems relatively easy.

I haven’t gotten the necessary materials for it yet. I don’t know what hair bulk to get. What braid pattern is appropriate for it as i think the braid pattern determines the crochet braid style.

I already have an idea though. As soon as i get all the necessary materials (which isn’t much), I’ll give it a go.

My first trial would be on anyone available or on a mannequin head.

If it’s possible, I’ll do it on myself!

Though i can braid my hair (to wear a wig), i haven’t been able to make a proper hair to take out (I haven’t tried though).

The women in the videos I watch make it seem so easy! So I’ve decided to try it out.

But first, i’ll try it out on someone before doing mine 🙂

If it doesnt work out then i’ll get it done somewhere.

Could I be an Actress??!

Sometimes I want to be an actress.

Well I don’t know if I would be a good actress or if I can even act at all. LOL

I just feel like being a cast of some movies I watch and I even imagine myself in a movie scene sometimes :$

Anyhoo, acting isn’t a hobby of mine or a passion or anything, it’s just something I sometimes want to do.

Well the downside of this whim is that… I’m Shy!

I once had an opportunity to act in school. It was meant to be a drama series. Like there were casts and scripts and everything! (Nothing big tho) it was actually a student thing, within the school.

I was excited and decided to go and try out. The worst that could happen would be me not getting a role LOL

I actually got a role! I felt like an actual actress! I was excited and nervous! I could literally hear my heart beat!

Well I did try.

As I said earlier, it was a student thing which means there wasn’t a proper script (he probably got too excited about the movie and couldn’t wait to start). Plus he’s a student, we’re always on a limited budget ( well not ‘always’ but I think he was)

The crew had one issue or another. Either the audio wasn’t good, or a crew member was absent, or the cameras’ batteries died. There were no plans for wardrobe, come with your own attire! (which could be challenging as we didn’t have “character-appropriate” clothes)

For the script, we had to come up with our own lines and convo. (Apparently, no one had time to type up one)
We all finally lost interest.

Before we ended the movie-project, the trailer came out (out of the little we had acted – I told you he was excited!) and I didn’t like it.

I hated it majorly because I didn’t appear well in the trailer (was just flashed like twice or so, you had to pay attention to see me)

I felt like a movie extra! My role was supposed to be one of the major cast and even the movie extras had more screen-time in the trailer than I did.

Call me vain or whatever, that just turned me off!

I personally think the trailer was just too long and not all attention-grabbing (I probably think this because I didn’t get enough screen-time)

I think it was posted on YouTube. Don’t want to say the name of the trailer, or go watch it again.

Anyhoo, everyone eventually parted ways, went back to our various lives.

So, that was my chance at acting!


For this summer break, I decided to make colored braids. I made purple braids!

Well, purple tips actually.

We were asked to look for IT placement.


Err… NO!

I don’t want to.

That was last summer business Been there, Done That.

Anyhoo, decided to learn to make hair this summer. Like learn all there is to learn in the art of hair.

I’ve always known how to make hair. Not professionally tho. Just knew how to.

So for this summer, I decided to learn it all and be able to make all kinds of hair properly and beautifully! 🙂

Been on it for a while.

My customers for now are sadly just mannequin heads 😦  Well I have made a few human hairs. 🙂

So if you need to get your hair done, notify me 😉

I took pictures of my work, won’t post any yet till I have pictures of several beautiful hairstyles made my me! 🙂 Human heads!


January 2015, I did what my sisters of “The Natural Hair Community” (If there’s anything like that 🙂 ) call THE BIG CHOP!

Yes, its on capslock because it really is a big deal (well to me it is). Anyhoo, for those who don’t know, The Big Chop is basically chopping off all your relaxed hair. It could be really low like skin-cut or just to a twa (teeny weeny afro) which is basically just lowcut.

Big Chop
LOL. Mine wasn’t that low

Towards the end of 2014, I had already decided i wanted to do something about my hair which wasn’t looking good. It wasn’t growing plus i felt i was getting bald in front because my front-hair kept cutting. So I stopped relaxing and realized that I was “transitioning” (too many terms!)

After looking through natural hair pictures, reading through various hair journeys and doing my “research”, I felt i was ready and so i took the plunge!

Well I wasn’t!

I didnt know what to do with my hair, I didn’t know how to style it and I didn’t have any of those lavish hair products to use. 😦

All i had were these.

Shea Butter
Shea Butter
Olive Oil
Olive Oil
To try and curl my hair
To try and curl my hair


With these few things, i started my hair journey!

I eventually got used to the hair. Would just comb it out, apply all i have and go.  LOL

When i got back to school, I had to endure all the:

“Oh you cut your hair!

“What happened?!”

“Why did you cut your hair?”

and i had to explain to them that i wanted my hair to rest from all the fixing and braiding and maybe, just maybe, it might just grow fuller and longer while it is “resting”

I came up with a little regimen that kinda worked (would still come up with something better) and carried on with my lowcut which I have to admit looks good on me 😉

It’s been months now and its safe to say I did notice some improvements. My front hair is out now 🙂 and my hair grew a little!

Yes, it did. A little though but then I’m happy with whatever i get.

I’m about to do some protective styling. Probably twists, kinky (not sure which).

I’m in the mood for some braids 😉

It’s my current obsession.

Well, this was just a recap of my big chop experience and the beginning of my new hair journey

The Game of My Dreams

For those of you who enjoy simulation games, or those of you who are game-addicts, or those of you who just know the game, I am sure that you can attest to the fact that:

The Sims 3 is AWESOME!!!!!!

Since my Secondary School days, I have been intrigued by the game, I love the graphics and everything about it. The sad side of the story is that I just couldn’t get it.

I could only get them on phones but I couldn’t enjoy the full package of awesomeness 😦

I tried downloading it but it was just too large and it was really complicated, taking me from one link to another.

I tried buying the CD to install (turned out to be fake! 😦 )

The long and short of this story is that finally (after all these years), Just last weekend I GOT THE GAME OF MY DREAMS (along with some expansions) 😀

I won’t divulge my source but just know that I am extremely grateful…

Well.. I hear now that there is (or there is about to be) ‘The Sims 4’ !!!


With even better graphics and stuffs!! I remember the time and energy it took me to get this one, only for me to hear that another one is on the way! That one should just chill!

Back to THE SIMS 3…

I played it last night and

-I burnt my kitchen

-almost killed my sim

-got arrested

Well I need to get better at it.

I really love it :*

Would probably soon get tired of it but until then it’s

“Play Till I Drop”

PS: Those of you that had the game all these while and allowed me to stress myself in search of the game, God is watching you!!

New Job

I just vacated and from experience, I knew that i had to get something planned for the hols, something I would get busy with.

I couldn’t think of any vocation or skill I would like to learn and besides, that would require me spending money.

I thought to myself:

“Why spend money when I can make money?”

Thus my search for a job began.

I had high hopes for my first job though but I finally got a job in a Pharmaceutical company!

Apparently, the MD thought I studied Micro-Biology which was why he hired me.

He looked sad or disappointed when he realized that I was not even science-inclined!

Well it is not my fault that he didn’t read the “Letter Of Recommendation” I gave him which clearly stated my course!

He still hired me though and put me in the Accounts department!

Fortunately, I share the Air-conditioned office with one lady and….


Plus there is FREE WIFI!!!!

So far I’m enjoying my first day of work but I keep thinking that someone would come in and claim ownership of my assigned seat because It seems so good to be true  ^.^

Let me see how the rest of the day goes (It is just 10:24am)

Will be working throughout my holiday (3 months).

I feel all professional 🙂