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Could I be an Actress??!

Sometimes I want to be an actress.

Well I don’t know if I would be a good actress or if I can even act at all. LOL

I just feel like being a cast of some movies I watch and I even imagine myself in a movie scene sometimes :$

Anyhoo, acting isn’t a hobby of mine or a passion or anything, it’s just something I sometimes want to do.

Well the downside of this whim is that… I’m Shy!

I once had an opportunity to act in school. It was meant to be a drama series. Like there were casts and scripts and everything! (Nothing big tho) it was actually a student thing, within the school.

I was excited and decided to go and try out. The worst that could happen would be me not getting a role LOL

I actually got a role! I felt like an actual actress! I was excited and nervous! I could literally hear my heart beat!

Well I did try.

As I said earlier, it was a student thing which means there wasn’t a proper script (he probably got too excited about the movie and couldn’t wait to start). Plus he’s a student, we’re always on a limited budget ( well not ‘always’ but I think he was)

The crew had one issue or another. Either the audio wasn’t good, or a crew member was absent, or the cameras’ batteries died. There were no plans for wardrobe, come with your own attire! (which could be challenging as we didn’t have “character-appropriate” clothes)

For the script, we had to come up with our own lines and convo. (Apparently, no one had time to type up one)
We all finally lost interest.

Before we ended the movie-project, the trailer came out (out of the little we had acted – I told you he was excited!) and I didn’t like it.

I hated it majorly because I didn’t appear well in the trailer (was just flashed like twice or so, you had to pay attention to see me)

I felt like a movie extra! My role was supposed to be one of the major cast and even the movie extras had more screen-time in the trailer than I did.

Call me vain or whatever, that just turned me off!

I personally think the trailer was just too long and not all attention-grabbing (I probably think this because I didn’t get enough screen-time)

I think it was posted on YouTube. Don’t want to say the name of the trailer, or go watch it again.

Anyhoo, everyone eventually parted ways, went back to our various lives.

So, that was my chance at acting!