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New Job

I just vacated and from experience, I knew that i had to get something planned for the hols, something I would get busy with.

I couldn’t think of any vocation or skill I would like to learn and besides, that would require me spending money.

I thought to myself:

“Why spend money when I can make money?”

Thus my search for a job began.

I had high hopes for my first job though but I finally got a job in a Pharmaceutical company!

Apparently, the MD thought I studied Micro-Biology which was why he hired me.

He looked sad or disappointed when he realized that I was not even science-inclined!

Well it is not my fault that he didn’t read the “Letter Of Recommendation” I gave him which clearly stated my course!

He still hired me though and put me in the Accounts department!

Fortunately, I share the Air-conditioned office with one lady and….


Plus there is FREE WIFI!!!!

So far I’m enjoying my first day of work but I keep thinking that someone would come in and claim ownership of my assigned seat because It seems so good to be true  ^.^

Let me see how the rest of the day goes (It is just 10:24am)

Will be working throughout my holiday (3 months).

I feel all professional 🙂