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To Do: Crochet Braids

I’m thinking of installing crochet braids back to school. I’ve seen pictures of it and i really do like it. I’ve read articles and watched videos on how to install one and it seems relatively easy.

I haven’t gotten the necessary materials for it yet. I don’t know what hair bulk to get. What braid pattern is appropriate for it as i think the braid pattern determines the crochet braid style.

I already have an idea though. As soon as i get all the necessary materials (which isn’t much), I’ll give it a go.

My first trial would be on anyone available or on a mannequin head.

If it’s possible, I’ll do it on myself!

Though i can braid my hair (to wear a wig), i haven’t been able to make a proper hair to take out (I haven’t tried though).

The women in the videos I watch make it seem so easy! So I’ve decided to try it out.

But first, i’ll try it out on someone before doing mine 🙂

If it doesnt work out then i’ll get it done somewhere.